Medical Waste

Communities Need a Sharps Dropoff Solution

There are over 8 million people who self-inject at home. This includes people who suffer from diabetes, cancer, arthritis, Crohn’s, and many other medical issues. These people in our community are facing a recurring issue of where to dispose of their medical sharps. Dropoff sites for medical sharps are nearly non-existent to the general public. This community issue is causing a safety, expense, and convenience concern to people you may know.


People who suffer from a medical condition that requires them to self-inject at home accumulate sharps containers. When these containers are left around the house it can put everyone in danger, especially small children or pets. If sharps are thrown in the trash, it can put our landfill workers in danger.


One possible solution for sharps disposal is a mail and ship service. On average it costs around $45 to dispose of a 1-quart container. This is quite an expensive option for people who have an ongoing need for this type of service or even just a one-time need.


Time is irreplaceable and the last thing people want to do is go on a scavenger hunt for a safe, secure solution to dropoff sharps. Joining our local metro network as a sharps dropoff location would be a gamechanger for millions. Help your community by becoming a partner with Medical Waste Pros. Visit to sign up today or call 888-755-6370.

Medical Waste

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