Medical Waste Pros uses continuous and strategic online marketing tactics to generate tens of thousands of customers monthly. These leads then turn into customers for our medical waste disposal partners nationwide. Every customer we send to our partners has an immediate need for medical waste disposal.

Quality Service

Our goal is to provide our partners with a consistent reliable flow of
customers to help supplement their current marketing efforts.

Each request is evaluated for authenticity and size, within minutes
there’s a valuable, high-potential customer coming your way.

Why Medical Waste Pros’ Marketing is Effective

The internet has created a unique opportunity for businesses worldwide. Every day individuals and businesses are utilizing search engines and websites to conduct research and make purchases online. Medical Waste Pros’ digital marketing strategy is to find and cater to customers with immediate medical waste disposal needs.

We handle website marketing that removes the need for our partners to elbow for space on the increasingly competitive internet landscape. Medical Waste Pros’ marketing strategy keeps us at the top of search results and ensures a steady stream of customers for our partners. This data-driven strategy generates quality customers.

Staying Competitive

Our customers require speed. The closing percentage for the “first responder”
to a customer is very high. In some cases, the customer is looking for a selection of
contractors in their area.

In the digital world, you need to meet the customer’s request with speed and diligence. Sales personnel must respond quickly to every request to garner efficient results. If you wait, there’s
a chance that a revenue-generating customer will find a different provider and the potential
revenue opportunity will disappear.

The Medical Waste Pros’ Edge

Our visibility and exceptional customer service allows potential customers multiple opportunities to find a reliable local medical waste disposal service. They simply fill out a form outlining their needs or call our toll-free number.

Once a quote request is complete, our system takes over. Within minutes, they are contacted by a medical waste disposal company that’s part of our Partnership Network.

Concentrated Customer Routes

A major expense for medical waste providers is gas for trucks, especially when customers
are spread out over a wide area.

With Medical Waste Pros’ steady stream of local customers, partners choose when and where
customers come from. Letting you decide on the most cost-efficient service routes.

Making Customers Happy

The customer generally chooses one of the quotes provided to them and rarely goes outside of our network of partners. Our goal is to provide a quick and easy solution to their medical waste needs. This eliminates further search for the potential customer. We deliver exactly what they are looking for and need.

Let Medical Waste Pros Bring New
Customers Right to Your Inbox!

Our Partnership experts are available to answer any questions you
may have about our network and how our system works.

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